Why Do Cats Sleep So A lot? Widespread Causes & When to Fear

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If you’re a first-time cat proprietor, there have possible been a couple of quirks about your kitty that you just hadn’t been anticipating. I’ve had loads of new cat guardian mates inform me how shocked they’re that their cat sleeps a lot. A few of them even fear about their cat’s well being consequently, asking me if they need to take them to the vet.

Personally, I believe that cat house owners know their cats finest, and in the event that they suppose their cat wants medical consideration, then they shouldn’t doubt themselves. In relation to a cat’s frequent sleeping habits, although, there typically isn’t a lot trigger for concern.

Why Do Cats Sleep So A lot?

Orange and white cat sleeping on windowsill
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I bear in mind after I bought my first cat, Jack. I used to be stunned at how a lot he slept, too. It felt like each different time I noticed him, he was both dozing or curling up for his subsequent nap. He would sleep all through the day, and he would sleep all through the evening. So when did he truly do something?

As I later realized, cats are crepuscular animals.1 If an animal is crepuscular, that signifies that they’re principally energetic at daybreak and nightfall. There are a couple of benefits to being a crepuscular animal, equivalent to avoiding predators, avoiding the scorching warmth of daytime, or limiting competitors for widespread prey. Though home cats aren’t at risk from predators or typically hunt their very own prey, the crepuscular sleeping schedule stays.

That signifies that you and I are awake and most energetic throughout our cats’ downtime. Though there are many instances that Jack and I are awake on the identical time in the course of the day, it isn’t for lengthy. In truth, after I began writing this text, he was sitting at my ft and grooming himself. Now, he’s dozing whereas I make the cash to feed him his favourite treats. Fortunate man.

All of this to say, it’s not too regarding in case your cat sleeps typically. Cats are constructed to sleep ceaselessly all through the day to retailer vitality, so we regularly don’t see them at their most energetic states. It’s possible you’ll even discover that as you’re on the point of wind down for the evening, your cat is simply revving up. That is actually the case with my cat, who decides that he must tear round the home whereas I’m attempting to go to sleep.

orange cat sleeping in fluffy cat bed
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Age Will Affect How A lot Your Cat Sleeps

Your cat’s sleeping behaviors could change over time, particularly as they age.

Kittens are likely to sleep for a lot of the day, though they might have a couple of sudden bursts of vitality between mealtimes. When your cat is an adolescent, his sleeping patterns will turn into considerably unpredictable. At this age, your cat shall be in a high-energy stage of life.

As soon as your cat reaches maturity (that’s the place Jack is), the sleeping patterns will turn into far more predictable. Grownup cats are likely to develop constant sleeping routines and should common wherever from 12–20 hours per day.

For example, after I get up within the morning, Jack will typically be wakeful and ready impatiently for me to stand up. He and I’ll begin our morning routine collectively, and shortly after, he’ll lie down and snooze intermittently by the morning. He tends to have sufficient vitality to pester me for his moist meals round midday, then he spends the late afternoon wandering to his favourite spots to doze. He often likes to nap the place his household is, so if I’m working within the workplace, that’s often the place he’ll curl up for his subsequent snooze.

If this sounds an terrible lot like your cat’s routine, then I believe our cats can be mates. It’s additionally a fairly regular routine for an grownup cat, so it isn’t one thing to be involved about.

As grownup cats age into seniors, the time spent sleeping solely will increase. Aged cats have much less vitality and mobility, so they are going to be more likely to remain in a single place and relaxation for the day.

elderly cat sleeping on wooden steps
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Climate Could Be a Think about Your Cat’s Sleep Schedule

Relying on the place you reside, temperatures could affect how a lot your cat sleeps. On chilly, wintry days, my cat will typically curl up beside the hearth and take barely longer naps. On days that this can be very scorching, Jack will escape to the basement and sprawl throughout the ground to cover from the solar.

In case your cat’s sleeping schedule appears irregular sooner or later, it may very well be associated to the climate. But when the abnormalities proceed, then it’s doable that there may very well be an actual trigger for concern.

When Ought to We Fear?

Though frequent sleeping shouldn’t be typically a serious concern with cats, there are occasions when it may be. I can’t offer you an actual variety of hours slept per day that ought to stand out to you as a priority, however I can say one of the best ways to find out if one thing is fallacious is to know your cat. And nobody is aware of your cat higher than you do.

When sleep patterns and routines are usually disturbed, that’s when there needs to be trigger for concern. In case your cat is sleeping far more or a lot lower than regular, that may very well be a sign of ache or diseases in your cat. Hyperthyroidism is an instance.

Cognitive points may be at play. In case your cat is experiencing nervousness, despair, and even dementia, this might intrude together with his common sleeping patterns.

In the event you suspect that one thing is fallacious together with your cat, don’t hesitate to succeed in out to your vet. Each time I’m unsure about my cat’s well being, I at all times belief my intestine and search skilled recommendation. I’d a lot relatively search assist for no goal than ignore my instinct and permit Jack to presumably undergo.

closeup of cat sleeping on couch
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If you’re a first-time cat proprietor and also you’re antsy about how a lot time your cat has been spending asleep, hearken to your intestine and attain out to your vet in the event you really feel the necessity. In any other case, don’t fear an excessive amount of—frequent sleeping is fairly attribute of cats. Likelihood is, our cats most likely suppose we’re the bizarre ones for not sleeping sufficient!

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