The Mysterious Historical past of the White Home Cats: From Lincoln to In the present day!

If politics doesn’t stir your sauce, that will change after studying in regards to the mysterious historical past of the White Home cats. The Bidens have launched a brand new feline buddy to the White Home, and everybody desires to know extra about how catty politics actually are.

I all the time assumed that Presidents didn’t have time for pets. However apparently, the White Home is filled with cat lovers.

The Nation’s First Political Cats

Cats have roamed the Presidential grounds since our nation’s starting. However what number of of those cats have been deemed as pets? Nobody can say for positive.

Possible the primary White Home kitties have been anonymous. Their major function was to maintain rodents out of the meals provide as an alternative of parading round as pets. Some have been most likely saved as pets, however documentation is scarce. That’s till Lincoln got here alongside.

Abraham Lincoln adored cats. A lot so, that Mary Lincoln famous he might work together with a cat for at the very least an hour continuous. We feline lovers can all relate to that, can’t we?

Lincoln owned two pet cats named Dixie and Tabby. Secretary of State William Seward gifted him the 2 kitties, and I can solely think about Lincoln’s delight.

siamese cat lying by the window
Picture Credit score: Lucie Ok, Shutterstock

So Many Siamese Cats within the White Home!

The White Home has continued to accommodate frisky felines as pets, even when they’ve retired as rodent management. Teddy Roosevelt’s cat Slippers paraded across the kitchen. Herbert Hoover had a cat named Kitty (how authentic) that socialized within the corridors. Even Calvin Coolidge and JFK loved cats.

However not all cats have been as social as these kitties. Many stayed on the second and third flooring, the place the Presidential households dwell. A couple of kitties have made fairly an impression in our nation’s historical past, although.


In 1878, a Bangkok diplomat gifted Rutherford B. Hayes’s spouse Lucy a gorgeous Siamese cat. Lucy named the cat Siam, and he lived within the White Home for a couple of 12 months till he fell sick and died. He was the primary Siamese to enter the US.

Siam loved making dramatic entrances when the primary woman entertained friends. Apparently, he loved making dramatic exits, too. His physique was alleged to be preserved, however the Division of Agriculture misplaced his stays, regardless of looking all over the place.

Now, the Hayes Presidential Library sells plush stuffed will get. Siam could be okay with this.


Subsequent got here Shan the cat, the White Home’s subsequent Siamese sensation nearly a whole century after Siam. Shan belonged to Susan Ford, daughter of President Gerald Ford. He loved hiding underneath furnishings within the Lincoln Bed room.

Shan was additionally sassy. In 1974, Shan was supposed to look in First Girl Betty Ford’s portrait, however he didn’t need to socialize that day. One of many assistants tried retrieving Shan, however he bit the assistant’s finger.

The assistant wanted surgical procedure for the chunk, and Shan suffered awful publicity. Which do you assume was worse?

siamese cat sitting on the floor
Picture Credit score: BearFotos, Shutterstock

Misty Malarky Ying Yang

After Shan, the following cat was one other Siamese named Misty Malarky Ying Yang. I really feel sorry for the veterinarian who needed to write her medical information.

Misty Malarky Ying Yang was Amy Carter’s cat, the daughter of President Jimmy Carter. Misty Malarky Ying Yang was additionally well-known for her dramatic entrances.

In the course of the Carter Presidency, a state dinner was held to honor the Mexican President. The 2 Presidents have been to fulfill on the high of the Grand Staircase, absorbing the highlight and press.

Nevertheless, Misty Malarky Ying Yang determined that the social gathering was for her. As a substitute of the President’s receiving the eye, Misty Malarky descended the steps whereas the navy band performed, and remained within the highlight the entire method down.

Socks the Cat

President Invoice Clinton’s cat, Socks, was most likely essentially the most well-known within the White Home. Everybody liked Socks. He was continuously seen outdoors on his leash, stealing pictures and catnip from the press.

Socks loved perching on President Clinton’s shoulders, the briefing podium, and behind the Resolute Desk within the Oval Workplace. He even had a task as Ambassador for the American Youngsters, the primary Presidential Cat to serve since retiring from the rodent management function.

Hilary Clinton famous how youngsters flocked to Presidential Pets rapidly. It was their first reference to the White Home, and Socks made it straightforward to show youngsters about authorities.

The Clintons ultimately adopted a canine named Buddy. President Clinton tried to introduce the 2 pets in entrance of the White Home, but it surely didn’t go too effectively, as you’ll see right here.

India the Cat

India the cat took over Socks’ function when he retired from the White Home and the Bush household moved in. India was a putting black magnificence that selected to put low. The paparazzi life wasn’t for her.

As a substitute, the celebrity transferred to the Presidential canine named Barney and Miss Beazly.

Willow the Cat: The Present First Feline

President Joe Biden and First Girl Jill Biden have launched the nation to their new cat, Willow.

Willow resides the true American Dream. She was initially a barn cat in Pennsylvania. Now, she enjoys luxurious not like another. In line with the Bidens, Willow is protecting a detailed eye on the native birds and protecting everybody in line on the White Home.


Now you realize simply how catty the White Home might be. I’ve little doubt Willow will take the function of Pet Ambassador very critically. Hopefully, Willow will carry the torch for different cats by encouraging fellow People to undertake feline associates.

Featured Picture Credit score: Reba Spike, Unsplash

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