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Boerboels have been bred in South Africa to guard properties and farms from ferocious predators. The Boerboel canine breed is:

  • Steadfast, affectionate, loyal and calm with household and people he is aware of properly
  • Territorial with inborn guarding instincts
  • Naturally aloof with and cautious of strangers
  • Very robust and muscular, starting from 150 to 200 kilos, and might simply knock somebody over

Nevertheless, if not bred, socialized and skilled correctly, the Boerboel could be aggressive and a legal responsibility. Due to his dimension and power, he can inflict quite a lot of injury to an individual or animal.

Age a Boerboel can develop into aggressive

From eight to 14 weeks outdated, Boerboel puppies are easygoing and compliant. They hardly ever present any aggression throughout this studying window. Novice homeowners could also be lulled right into a false sense of safety, believing that they’ll stay that manner. They received’t.

By three months outdated, the pup continues to be studying however may present just a little aggression. Not a pet at eight to 9 months outdated, the adolescent Boerboel can develop into aggressive and overly protecting relying on his genetic make-up or he might develop into fearful or shy, which might additionally manifest in aggressive habits when he feels challenged.

Coaching and socialization required

In fact all canine breeds needs to be correctly socialized and skilled. But when a Boerboel isn’t, he might assault any individual or animal he sees as a risk and due to his massive dimension and power, may cause severe hurt.

As a result of Boerboel’s massive dimension, it’s good to have numerous house inside the home and a good-sized yard with a privateness fence, since they’re cautious of strangers. Tyson hogs his human’s mattress, taking on extra space than her! ©Erna Kauck

A Boerboel pet have to be socialized and have constructive experiences with folks, canine and life occasions from eight weeks on. This could proceed all through his life, which might span eight to 12 years.

House owners should additionally exhibit by constant coaching that they’re the leaders or the canine will dominate the family. Solely constructive reinforcement coaching needs to be used or a Boerboel can develop into aggressive even to his pet dad and mom.

Coaching ought to start when a Boerboel is eight weeks outdated and proceed all through his life. The “nothing in life is free” (NILIF) protocol have to be used, by which the canine should work (carry out cues) for every part. At a minimal, primary cues for coaching the Boerboel ought to embody:

  • Consideration work so he focuses on the pet mum or dad not exterior stimuli
  • Unfastened-leash strolling in order that he doesn’t pull down somebody strolling him
  • Sit, down and keep — all of which assist with impulse management and keep away from him knocking somebody over
  • Recall and emergency recall, which have to be rock stable for everybody’s security
  • Depart it, which is essential for him to not randomly method folks or animals
  • Drop it or give, to assist stop useful resource guarding
  • Settle, in order that he has impulse management

If the Boerboel canine breed doesn’t get a number of hours of bodily and psychological train every single day, a Boerboel can develop into damaging. Lengthy walks, fetching and sturdy puzzle video games are essential. Due to his dimension, power and intimidating presence, he ought to by no means be left to run free. One of many extra agile mastiffs, the muscular Boerboel can thrive if given a job, comparable to obedience, rally, weight pull, agility, safety sports activities or inventory work.

Boerboels aren’t for inexperienced homeowners. They want early and ongoing coaching and socialization to be dependable home canine. But when bred and raised correctly, they could be a welcome member for the best dog-savvy household.

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