Advantages Of Tummy Time – Why, How To, When, And Extra! (2023)

You’ve most likely heard that your child ought to spend time on the abdomen. Do you surprise why that’s necessary?

My child hated spending time on her stomach, so I struggled to maintain her entertained. As a result of I do know many infants hate tummy time periods, I’ll stroll you thru ideas for making it enjoyable and getting probably the most out of it!

On this publish, we’ll talk about all the good advantages of tummy time for a kid’s well being. Additionally, let’s additionally cowl methods to do tummy time correctly and when to begin!

Why is Tummy Time Necessary?

Tummy time is necessary for infants as a result of it helps them construct sturdy muscle mass they want for holding heads, sitting, rolling, crawling, and strolling. Here’s a fast overview of probably the most related advantages of tummy time periods.

Infants are prepared for tummy time after a diaper change, meal, or nap!

#1 Tummy Time Helps Motor Talent Improvement

Noteworthy tummy time advantages are associated to an entire youngster’s well being, particularly bodily improvement. Throughout tummy time, the new child works on the neck and shoulder muscle mass required for head management and higher physique actions.

When you don’t begin tummy time, your child may ultimately discover itself combating growing some motor expertise and have weak muscle mass.

#2 Tummy Time Reduces Probabilities of Flat Spots and Cranium Deformity

Tummy time is crucial for symmetrical head form as a result of it prevents flat head syndrome. Based on the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), infants ought to sleep on their backs to cut back the danger of Sudden toddler loss of life syndrome (SIDS). [1]

Nonetheless, mendacity on a flat floor for longer durations isn’t appropriate for a child’s head form. It places strain on gentle cranium bones and causes flat spots, resulting in positional plagiocephaly.

The advantages of child sleeping on tummy are negligible in comparison with the dangers. Subsequently, hold infants on their backs till they’re one yr previous.

#3 Tummy Time Promotes Sensory Improvement

Infants spend most of their time going through upwards, and so they expertise gravity and different sensations from that place solely.

Tummy time stimulates the newborn’s nervous system in a different way, so it helps the newborn perceive physique positions, enhance imaginative and prescient, and course of numerous sensory messages from completely different views.

#4 Tummy Time Provides Alternatives to Bond

As a result of it’s essential to supervise your child the entire time when they’re on their abdomen, you get a number of alternatives to foster that parent-child bond.

Dad and mom can sing songs or use age-appropriate toys to entertain the newborn to make tummy time enjoyable! Infants could have optimistic associations with tummy time if you’re included!

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#5 Tummy Time Relieves Colic Signs

Does tummy time assist with fuel? Certain, it does!

Stomach strain throughout tummy time pushes fuel out and relieves intestinal ache. So, going via colic ache throughout the first few months is another excuse infants want tummy time!

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Tummy Time with Babies Help With Developmental Milestones | Benefits of Tummy Time | Baby Journey
Infants want tummy time to realize future developmental milestones!

When Ought to Infants Begin Tummy Time?

You can begin tummy time as quickly because the umbilical wire stump falls off, which is, for many infants, within the first week after beginning. You can begin with one minute for newborns, and repeat it as much as 3 times per day.

As your child grows, progressively enhance the period of tummy time to a few to 5 minutes and longer. Round three months of age, your youngster ought to attain a full hour of tummy time, damaged into temporary durations a number of instances per day.

The toddler ought to lie on a flat and agency floor on the stomach. You may as well use a rolled-up towel to assist the newborn. Glorious tummy time ideas embrace utilizing a child play health club to maintain your child entertained throughout tummy time, or a nonbreakable mirror to stimulate impartial cause-and-effect play.

Find out how to Do Tummy Time (The Proper Approach)

Tummy time differs for infants and infants over six months. So let’s see methods to follow tummy time together with your youngster at all ages to get probably the most out of each session!

Tummy Time at 0-2 Months

One of the best ways to follow tummy time with younger infants is in your chest. It’s also a good way to do it for prematurely born infants. You can begin with a minute or two per session and progressively prolong the period. The choice is to position the newborn in your lap.

Tummy Time at 2-4 Months

When your youngster reaches tummy time milestones – try to be spending a number of minutes on the stomach with out the newborn fussing and holding its head for a number of seconds, growing the period.

Throughout the third and fourth months of age, some infants can spend round ten minutes on their tummies per session. You may as well prop the newborn with a blanket or use a specialised pillow. I just like the colourful Boppy Tummy Time Prop Pillow.

Boppy Tummy Time Prop Pillow, Black And White Modern Rainbows With Teething Toys, A Smaller Size For Comfortable Tummy Time, Toys Attached

Tummy Time at 4-6 Months

Because the child grows, it ought to hold its head centered and straight throughout tummy time. The baby ought to carry its chest from the ground, and switch the burden to the arms.

Make sure the elbows are in entrance of the shoulders or at a 90-degree angle underneath them. It is going to present an acceptable place for the newborn to trace surrounding objects and talk with dad and mom.

Tummy Time after 6 Months

Even when your child is ready to roll over and sit straight after six months, you must nonetheless guarantee your sweetheart will get sufficient tummy time.

At this age, a child ought to attain for toys round and straighten its arms and again. As soon as the newborn begins crawling, you may cease with the devoted tummy time.

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Actions to Attempt Throughout Tummy Time

Tummy time doesn’t should be worrying on your child should you hold the newborn entertained throughout the entire session. Attempt the next actions to make your child take pleasure in tummy time!

If you end up doing a tummy time session in your chest with an toddler, hold the newborn near your face and look them within the eyes. You could discover your child trying again at you and getting extra relaxed.

  • Entertain the Child With out Props

You don’t have to make use of props to maintain the newborn completely happy. All of your child wants is you! Lie down in your again and maintain your knees near your chest.

Put your older child in your shins and gently rock them forwards and backwards, retaining eye contact and making humorous sounds. The infant will giggle and have a good time!

Your being pregnant ball may be a wonderful prop for tummy time! Put the newborn on the ball, going through right down to the ball, and gently rock the ball in a distinct course.

Hold one hand on the newborn’s again the entire time to make sure it’s protected.

Tummy time on the ball promotes the newborn’s notion of its physique in house and helps with steadiness apart from growing gross motor expertise.

What to Do If Your Child Hates Tummy Time

The objective of tummy time is big, so that you shouldn’t hand over even when the newborn is fussy. In reality, a number of infants spend the a number of first periods of tummy time crying.

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Playing With Baby During Tummy Time Keeps Them Entertained | Benefits of Tummy Time | Baby Journey
Play together with your child throughout tummy time or use the newborn’s toy to maintain your new child entertained! Supply: BBC

Check the next tricks to get via the fussiness and nonetheless take pleasure in some great benefits of tummy time:

  • Maintain your child in your arm, with its head near your elbow as you stroll
  • Make sure the child is comfy with barely bent arms
  • After feeding, place child in your lap for burping
  • Attempt rolling the newborn throughout tummy time to maintain it entertained and to assist it perceive the rolling sample
  • Place distinction playing cards round your child to distract the newborn
  • Use toys and sing to the newborn throughout tummy time to maintain it completely happy
  • Practise tummy time when the newborn is fed, and after diaper change or nap
  • Attempt brief interval of tummy time a number of instances per day

If nothing works and your child hates tummy time, you may then take into account making an attempt some tummy time options resembling child carrying and aspect mendacity.

Tummy Time Security Dos & Don’ts

Throughout all actions together with your child, security is a high precedence.

Here’s a temporary guidelines of tummy time security with all of the issues you must and shouldn’t do to maintain the newborn protected throughout tummy time!



  • Put the newborn on the sofa or mattress the place you threat them rolling over
  • Enable the newborn to go to sleep throughout tummy time on its abdomen
  • Follow tummy time with out getting the inexperienced mild from consulting a pediatrician
Tummy Time Increases Upper Body Strength | Benefits of Tummy Time | Baby Journey
Tummy time will increase higher physique energy so the newborn can carry its head with out points and maintain the neck straight.

Ultimate Ideas

As you may see, tummy time is necessary and indispensable for correct child improvement and youngster well being.

It is best to follow it from beginning as it should assist the newborn construct gross motor expertise, straighten the entire physique, enhance notion, and assist obtain different milestones!

You should use toys and props to maintain the newborn entertained. However, bear in mind, your child’s favourite toy is you!

Being there for the newborn throughout tummy time will make it easier to bond with the newborn and make the periods much less disagreeable on your baby!

I hope you discover the article useful. Don’t hesitate to pop a query if in case you have any – I’ll be completely happy that will help you!

Benefits of Tummy Time Guide | Baby Journey

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