13 Easy Steps to Grooming A Shih Tzu At Dwelling

Perky and irresistibly cuddly, the Shih Tzu breed is without doubt one of the most adored canine breeds on this planet – and rightly so! Shih Tzus flaunt glamorous, flowing coats and charming, floppy ears. 

These lovable lapdogs return at the least 1,000 years. They originated in Tibet again within the seventh century, and have been supplied as presents to the Chinese language royalty.

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In the present day, Shih Tzus are often called blissful little balls of fluff that simply love being spoiled, and look finest with a good quantity of grooming. 

And in the event you’re questioning whether or not grooming a Shih Tzu at house is feasible, the reply is sure!

With correct preparation and the proper instruments and gear, you may give your furry child a snazzy lower and a professionally groomed consequence. 

Proceed studying beneath to search out out how one can correctly and safely groom your Shih Tzu at house.

Grooming A Shih Tzu At Dwelling

Grooming your Shih Tzu at house strengthens your bond with them and helps you learn to take care of them higher.

Right here’s a useful video that will help you get an concept of find out how to groom Shih Tzu at house and do a pet lower haircut.

Now that you’ve a greater concept on how grooming a Shih Tzu appears like, you may observe the precise steps we’ll talk about beneath so you may groom your canine at house.

For this information, we’ll lay down the steps for essentially the most well-known lower Shih Tzus can rock – the pet lower.

This haircut provides your small canine buddy a clear, easy-to-maintain look and makes them seem even cuter. And relying in your preferences, you may give your Shih Tzu a pet lower with brief or lengthy ears. 

Are you prepared? Now let’s get began with the DIY grooming course of! Comply with these 13 straightforward steps to grooming a Shih Tzu at house, from begin to end. 

1. Put together Your Workspace and Grooming Gear

Grooming A Shih Tzu At Home
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Earlier than the rest, discover an space that’s roomy and comfy sufficient on your grooming session. 

Do you’ve got a desk with a flat, clear floor? Then that can function your grooming workspace.

In case your rambunctious little pet likes to squirm round, it’s possible you’ll wish to get an adjustable grooming arm with an adjustable clamp and a haunch holder.

A grooming arm will assist management extreme shifting whereas retaining your pet comfy. Right here’s one in every of our suggestions which you could simply purchase on Amazon:

Earlier than grooming a Shih Tzu at house, it’s vital to put together the mandatory provides to make the entire course of a hit. Listed below are all of the instruments and gear you’ll want on your DIY grooming session:

For Hair Brushing For Bathing For Cleansing the Eyes, Ears, and Tooth For Nail Trimming For Doing a Pet Minimize
A canine brush with versatile pins Canine shampoo and conditioner Mushy moist wipes for eyes Canine nail trimmers/filer Electrical clippers
A wonderful slicker brush Non-slip mat Ear-cleaning answer Blunt-tipped scissors
A dematting comb A sprig nozzle for the sink/tub Cotton-tipped swabs
A metal comb Hairdryer Cotton balls
Clear towels Washcloth

2. Get Rid of Matted and Tangled Hair

Groomer Combing Shih Tzu With A Wool Comb
Parilov / Shutterstock.com

When grooming a Shih Tzu at house, it’s vital to take away any matted or tangled hair to make bathing simpler. Thick knots of hair might be denser when damp and more durable to take away. Moreover, tangles within the coat might additionally snag the clippers. 

Listed below are just a few instruments you should utilize to eliminate matted and tangled hair:

Pin Brush

Use a pin brush you probably have a long-haired grownup Shih Tzu, ideally a 16-millimeter to 20-millimeter brush.

Slicker Brush

You should use a slicker brush for a short-coat Shih Tzu. It successfully eliminates particles and unfastened strands with out hurting your pet. And it additionally helps remove mats and tangles.

When selecting a brush, choose one with wonderful bristles to deeply penetrate your canine’s coat with out scratching the pores and skin. For instance, Hertzko’s Self-Cleansing Slicker Brush, which you will get on Amazon, does an awesome job at safely eradicating matted or tangled hair.

De-matting Comb

A de-matting comb, however, works wonders in de-tangling hard-to-reach spots from tricks to roots, particularly within the face, neck, and paw areas.

This Coastal Pet Safari de-matting comb helps take away cussed mats. And it’s ultimate for canine with lengthy, matted coats or coarse hair.

Alternatively, you should utilize a de-matting spray in case your fluffy canine has cussed matted hair. 

Metal Comb

Lastly, use a easy metal comb (additionally referred to as a greyhound comb) to eliminate extra hair and small mats. A light-weight comb with wonderful and coarse enamel, like Andis, is a superb software when grooming a Shih Tzu at house. 

To forestall undesirable matting, it’s finest to keep up a brushing routine that retains your Shih Tzu’s double coat trying nice. 

Take time to recurrently brush your canine child’s hair to make your grooming classes much less traumatic.

3. Bathe and Dry Your Canine Rigorously

Woman Drying A Shih Tzu After Taking A Bath In A Bath Tub
hedgehog94 / Shutterstock.com

Now that you simply’ve efficiently de-tangled your Shih Tzu’s hair, the following step is to offer your canine a pleasant tub to make sure your canine is totally clear. 

Hold the following tips in thoughts when bathing your canine: 

  • Place your Shih Tzu on a non-slip mat to stop pointless slipping. 
  • Use lukewarm water so your canine feels comfy.
  • Keep away from getting water on the face, particularly up the nostril. Shih Tzus don’t like their faces getting damp. Nonetheless, ensure that to cleanse areas across the mouth and eyes correctly. 
  • Maintain your canine’s head upward whereas massaging the shampoo. This helps forestall liquid from entering into the eyes. 
  • Use a bathe nozzle to attenuate spillage. Run the water into your palm first to make sure the spray isn’t too sturdy. You might additionally let the water trickle out of your hand onto your canine at first so your canine feels much less anxious. 
  • And ensure to rinse completely to stop residue buildup.

It’s vital to make use of high quality canine shampoo and conditioner to keep up your Shih Tzu’s stunning, wholesome coat.

When selecting, choose a hypoallergenic, all-natural canine shampoo and conditioner with out harsh chemical compounds or synthetic dyes. Some formulations are specifically made to assist alleviate itching and dry pores and skin. And a few are made for delicate or irritated pores and skin.

In case you don’t know which shampoo and conditioner to purchase, right here’s an choice you may attempt:

Moreover, drying your Shih Tzu requires mild pats – no harsh rubbing! Patting them dry will assist forestall break up ends on their coat. Then, you should utilize a hairdryer on the bottom warmth setting whereas frivolously brushing the coat together with your fingers.

4. Hold Your Shih Tzu Relaxed

Groomer Hugging An Anxious Shih Tzu Dog
MF_Orleans / Shutterstock.com

Shih Tzus are usually playful and energetic, however they will additionally get simply frightened or anxious when being groomed. 

So, when grooming a Shih Tzu at house, at all times be certain that you’re giving them a much less traumatic expertise by taking the grooming course of slowly.

Create a soothing background sound that they’re conversant in, like turning on the TV or enjoying some calming music at a low quantity. Or you can even attempt enjoying together with your canine’s paws to assist your pet really feel extra comfy. 

It’s additionally finest to incorporate easy grooming habits into your canine’s common routine. Brush your fluffy pet continuously, play with their paws and ears, and gently therapeutic massage their head on occasion.

This manner, your Shih Tzu will squirm much less and really feel extra comfy with being touched when grooming time comes. 

Moreover, give your pooch loads of tasty treats and reward them loads when grooming them. Keep away from scolding them in the event that they carry on wiggling, particularly whenever you’re clipping their nails.

It’s vital that you simply keep calm and affected person all through the grooming course of so your Shih Tzu feels much less nervous. 

5. Clear That Lovable Pet Face

Cleaning The Face Of A Shih Tzu During Bath Time
MDV Edwards / Shutterstock.com

Shih Tzus, notably light-colored ones, rapidly choose up filth, particles, and meals particles that might get caught of their double coat. Moreover, moisture retention additionally results in discoloration. 

To maintain your perky little canine trying clear and delightful, it’s important to clear their face on daily basis.

And to do that, you should utilize grooming wipes to successfully eliminate tear stains, filth, and moist buildup across the eyes. 

Here’s a grooming wipes choice on your pooch that’s unscented and delicate on the eyes:

Listed below are fast tricks to take away stains and filth with grooming wipes: 

  • Swipe across the eyes to take away seen stains. 
  • Swipe over your Shih Tzu’s cheeks and down the chin. 
  • Wipe their face twice each day after meals. 

6. Clear Your Canine’s Ears

The subsequent step in grooming a Shih Tzu at house is cleansing their ears, which is finest accomplished with a cleansing answer for canine.

Select an ear cleaner that lightly but completely cleanses and deodorizes a canine’s exterior ear canal. Listed below are our prime 3 suggestions:

You’ll want to observe the producer’s directions fastidiously. We advocate that you simply pour just a few drops from the ear cleanser bottle over a cotton wool ball. Then, gently rub it into your pet’s ears. And at last, wipe away any leftover answer with a dry cotton wool ball. 

Routinely cleaning your Shih Tzu’s ears helps forestall ear infections. And you are able to do this round one to 2 instances weekly to keep up clear, wholesome ears. 

7. Brush These Pearly White Tooth

Dental hygiene is one other vital a part of your Shih Tzu’s grooming routine.

Brush your Shih Tzu’s enamel weekly utilizing a dual-headed brush for small canine just like the beneath choice.

This kind of toothbrush has a small brush on one finish and a much bigger brush on the opposite finish. And it helps simplify the method of cleansing hard-to-reach mouth areas. 

Alternatively, you should utilize a finger toothbrush with smooth silicone bristles for mild but thorough cleansing. 

And naturally, don’t neglect to decide on a toothpaste that’s specifically formulated for canine. 

8. Clip the Nails

Groomer Clipping A Shih Tzu's Nails
Parilov / Shutterstock.com

Now it’s time to give your fabulous pooch a paw-dicure! A part of grooming a Shih Tzu at house is retaining their nails well-trimmed. 

As talked about earlier, when grooming, it’s finest to lift your canine in a method that makes them comfy. And in relation to clipping their nails, it’s finest to show them to the sounds and sensations of nail trimmers whereas they’re nonetheless a pup. 

Earlier than trimming the nails, put together a pet first assist package with a clotting agent like styptic powder. Within the unlikely occasion that you simply hit the “fast” (the vein in the midst of the nail), it’s best to instantly dab some styptic powder to cease the bleeding. Over time, this vein will recede and will let you trim your pup’s nails shorter. 

Subsequent, discover out what place works finest on your canine. Some Shih Tzus prefer to be held, whereas others favor to take a seat at a desk or sprawl on the ground. 

When nail clipping time comes, begin frivolously touching your Shih Tzu’s paws. Contact the areas round and in between the toes. 

Give your little pooch treats everytime you’re enjoying with their paws, so that they affiliate the exercise with a constructive expertise.

Nonetheless, remember to reward good habits solely. Don’t hand out treats when your canine retains on shifting, biting, and resisting. Your objective is to assist them be calm, obedient, and nonetheless. 

As soon as your fur child begins responding positively, you may then begin clipping their nails. Be mild and take it slowly. 

Begin making small cuts on the nail with the clippers. Solely lower the white portion of the nail. And cease slicing when you see the black dot, which signifies the beginning of the short. 

Alternatively, you should utilize a nail grinder as an alternative of a nail clipper. This software is often dearer, however makes it straightforward to trim your canine’s nails swiftly and extra safely. 

So, you probably have a fussy and delicate pooch, right here’s a canine nail grinder we advocate:

After trimming your pet’s nails efficiently, don’t neglect to bolster good habits with delectable treats. 

9. Snip Hair Between the Paw Pads

Groomer Snipping A Shih Tzu's Paw Pad
BY-_-BY / Shutterstock.com

The subsequent step to grooming a Shih Tzu at house is retaining their paw pads well-trimmed.

This helps forestall your rambunctious fluffball from sliding on slippery surfaces that might lead to harm. Additionally, sustaining well-trimmed paw pads prevents filth buildup and matting. 

Right here’s a step-by-step information on find out how to trim the hair in your pooch’s paw pads:

  • Gently brush the underside of your pet’s paw with a slicker brush. This makes the hair between paw pads simpler to trim.
  • Glide the electrical clipper frivolously over your canine’s paw pads, making certain that the hair is even with the pads.
  • Rigorously lower extra hair between the toes whereas spreading the paw pads.

Relying in your canine’s clipper mannequin, you should utilize a #40 blade to trim their paw pads.

And don’t neglect that whenever you’re grooming a Shih Tzu at house, give them extra treats as you undergo each step of the grooming routine. 

10. Snip Across the Physique

Groomer Snipping Around A Shih Tzu's Body
BY-_-BY / Shutterstock.com

The pet lower, additionally referred to as the summer time lower, is without doubt one of the hottest hairstyles for Shih Tzus.

This haircut is whenever you trim the hair 1 to 2 inches in size to create a neat, low-maintenance look. And to keep up this look, you’ll must trim your furbaby’s hair each three months or so.

To make the grooming course of simpler, it’s finest to carry your pet in place by placing them on a flat, clear desk that’s outfitted with an adjustable grooming arm.

Nonetheless, it’s possible you’ll not have to do that you probably have a well-behaved pooch that’s comfy with being groomed. 

You should use a #10 blade on your cordless electrical grooming clipper to trim your canine’s hair. Relying in your chosen grooming clipper, you’ll have to make use of totally different blades when trimming particular elements of your canine. 

In our case, we love utilizing this grooming clipper from Amazon when trimming the canine’s physique:

When snipping across the physique, first, frivolously trim the fuzzy elements round your canine’s groin space whereas holding one leg up. Be sure that to take additional warning when snipping hair from the stomach and delicate areas. 

Connect a clipping comb guard to guard your canine’s pores and skin from direct contact with the clippers. Adjustable clipping combs usually are available various measurements to go well with totally different pet hair lengths. 

Subsequent, maintain your canine’s face upward and begin trimming down the neck. Proceed trimming to the center of the physique as you make downward strokes from the highest of the top. 

Go away the top untouched for now, so you may later see what the physique appears like and how one can make the top look proportionate to the remainder of the physique. 

And don’t neglect to brush the physique swiftly each as soon as in awhile earlier than persevering with the haircut to eliminate unfastened hairs. 

Once you’re clipping, you’d wish to go together with the grain within the hair for essentially the most half. Repeat the method and shortly, you’ll get sense of the proper pace and strain to attain a easy, balanced lower. 

11. Clip Across the Legs

Grooming a Shih Tzu at house additionally means clipping across the hair on their legs.

So, now that you simply’ve evenly trimmed the physique, begin clipping hair round every leg whereas retaining your Shih Tzu in place.

Simply do the identical swift downward strokes in a single route to attain a clear lower. You might maintain every leg as much as trim the interior space extra completely. And clip from the highest of the leg right down to the foot. 

12. Begin Trimming the Head

When grooming a Shih Tzu at house, you may’t neglect trimming their head and face!

To do that correctly, add a snap-on comb atop the #30 blade to offer your Shih Tzu a cute pet look whereas defending delicate areas.

Trim the highest of the top easily with the clippers, after which use a pair of round-end scissors to create a well-balanced facial form. You’ll must always examine if the scale of the top suits the remainder of the trimmed physique. 

After trimming your Shih Tzu’s head, you may then use scissors to clip the ears and snip away any uneven hair lengths on the face. It’s as much as you to determine whether or not you wish to hold the ears brief or lengthy. 

13. Do Some Ending Touches

The ultimate step to grooming a Shih Tzu at house is to easy any uneven areas. This helps guarantee your charming pooch appears superbly groomed.

You too can use a brush or comb to examine your furbaby’s coat carefully and spot any tough areas. Take your time to trim as vital, making certain that your canine’s new haircut appears clear, constant, and easy. 

How Usually Ought to I Groom My Shih Tzu at Dwelling? 

As with every breed, every Shih Tzu has distinctive grooming wants. So, we’ve compiled an inventory of normal grooming routines beneath to maintain your pooch wholesome and wonderful. 

It’s best to modify the frequency of doing every process primarily based in your canine’s particular wants.

Grooming Process Frequency
Brushing/Combing Day by day for lengthy coats; each 3 days for brief coats
Bathing As soon as in 2 to three weeks; extra continuously in case your canine has a pores and skin or coat downside
Clipping Nails As soon as in 3 to six weeks
Brushing Tooth Weekly
Wiping Eyes and Face Day by day
Cleansing Ears Weekly
Clipping Hair As soon as in 6 to eight weeks or as wanted
Trimming Paw Pad Hair As soon as in 6 to eight weeks or as wanted

Remaining Ideas: Retaining Your Shih Tzu Properly-Groomed at Dwelling

Grooming a Shih Tzu at house means placing in loads of effort and time to do it recurrently. And we hope, that with these steps, you’ll have the ability to correctly and safely do it together with your pooch at house.

Don’t neglect that with correct preparation and high quality instruments, you may hold your furbaby blissful, wholesome, and beautiful always. 

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